Can Millboard be used anywhere?

Yes! Millboard is very adaptable so it can be used in practically any outdoor environment. It’s the perfect way to enhance decks, balconies, planters and more!

Is Millboard safe and slip resistant?

Definitely! Every type of Millboard composite decking is rigorously tested to ensure they receive the highest possible slip resistant ratings. This is achieved through the use of the exclusive Lastane coating so your decking will be safe even in the most torrential downpour!

Will Millboard mark easily?

As well as being slip resitant, the Lastane coating also ensures that your Millboard composite decking will be resistant to scratches, stains and everyday wear and tear. However, dragging furniture or any sharp objects along the decking may result in some marking so be careful! The risk of any stains from dyes, berries or animal droppings will also be greatly reduced if they are cleaned up as soon as possible.

Is Millboard easy to clean?

The good thing about Millboard composite decking is that it requires very little maintenance! The non-porous composite used in the manufacturing process ensures that Millboard will resist any build up and stains from moss. You shouldn’t need to use a pressure washer on your Millboard decking, but please stay away from any solvents or abrasive cleaners as these can cause damage to your decking!

Does Millboard need to be sealed?

No! As Millboard decking is surface sealed in the factory there is no need for you to seal it. However you do need to be aware that if it rains in the first few weeks after installation, rain water may sit as drops on your decking. This is just a temporary issue though and it will stop as soon as the temporary surface seals breaks down.

Is the colour consistent from board to board?

It is advisable to buy all your decking in one go to try and ensure the colour is as consistent as possible. If this is not possible, then you can blend different batches of Millboard so that there will only a slight tonal variation throughout your decking.

Can I cut Millboard like normal wood?

Yes! Millboard can be cut with a standard saw blade, but a multi-purpose, carbon tipped chop saw would probably be the best tool for the job. The formed end of the board will be lost if cut, but they can be placed in less visually obvious places (eg. against a wall).

What happens in the winter?

Don’t panic! You can keep your Millboard decking ice free with a small amount of granulated white salt. However, rock salt can be abrasive so steer of clear of it! Once the bad weather is out of the way simply clean your decking with soapy water and a soft broom to remove any residue.

What about in summer?

Millboard decking can get very hot in high temperatures or persistent bright sunlight so please be careful if you are walking around barefoot. In fact it might be best to wear footwear in these circumstances just to be on the safe side. Care also needs to be taken if Millboard is installed in an area where there is UV/heat reflective glass.

Is artificial grass suitable for children?

Yes, it’s perfect for children of all ages. Even more so using the Quickgrass products. As all their grasses have soft touch technology as its softer for the kids to fall, tumble and roll on. Certain grasses are better than others for various reasons but we always advise sand infill if its going to have lots of activity as it will keep the pile from flattening over time and remove the wear on the anchor points of the grass.

Is artificial grass suitable for dogs?

Yes. Most of our customers are dog owners and struggle to keep a real lawn because of brown patches and muddy areas. We don’t advise using any sand infill because it traps smells and this is why now we also don’t use sand under the grass too. Its really easy to clean up messes and you can simply wash through with a hose.

Is artificial grass good for wet areas?

Yes, the grass itself has small holes running through the backing to allow water to pass through. This along with our standard permeable base means the water can run straight through meaning the grass will never hold water or become squelchy.