The three main benefits of artificial grass

Working as garden designers and landscapers, we often get asked about artificial grass and whether there are any real benefits to using the product rather than sticking with natural grass.

As we’re constantly working with artificial grass products, we know first-hand what the pros are to using artificial grass to create your perfect garden. There are three key benefits that you’ll see, plus a whole host of other pros that you might not have even considered.

Next to no maintenance

If you have an artificial lawn, you only need to brush it every few weeks to keep the pile on top form. There’s no need to mow the lawn, water it, use chemicals or pesticides or even weed it. Sell your lawnmower and wave goodbye to the most hated chore in the UK.


Getting the garden of your dreams can be difficult to achieve if you’re working with natural grass. It’s unpredictable and you can’t choose where it grows. However, artificial grass can be cut to any shape or size meaning you create a completely unique and bespoke garden, that will always look amazing. Because of this it gives you more licence to add things like paths, water features and seating areas.


Sure you have to account for the initial cost of your artificial grass products but in the long-run, it actually works out as a more cost-effective measure. This is because you don’t have to do any maintenance and you get rid of all the costs that are associated with that.

These are the three main benefits that everybody can see by switching, however, there are so many more pros depending on your individual circumstances. People with dogs and children can see the benefits, those who get no sunlight on their garden, people with arthritis, those who suffer from grass allergies – the list goes on and on. If you’re considering buying artificial grass in Birmingham give us a call to discuss your options