A Slippery Slope… To A Lovely artificial Lawn!

Not all lawns are flat. We don’t mean not bumpy, we mean some lawns are sloping slightly; some houses are on top of hills or are built into the Earth. It can present a problem when the land underneath has nowhere to drain off.

Rainy seasons and the build-up of snow and ice cause massive problems for sloping lawns and grassed areas, because there is never any chance for the soil to dry out. The grass struggles to grow simply because there’s just too much water and the result is that the lawn just ends up a clogged, soggy, muddy mess that nobody can use. The danger of this is that the earth can become unstable and all sorts of structural problems can creep in.

That’s why it’s best to admit defeat and stop trying to drain the earth with pipes and other equipment, because it’s expensive and time consuming and not to mention looks ugly. Artificial grass is the way to go, rescuing your lawn and rescuing your bank balance in the process. Live grass can’t grow in wet areas without sun or any kind of warmth, so installing an artificial lawn is your best bet. It has a drainage system built in so there’s no need to worry about big puddles or soggy patches, and the lovely vibrant colour holds all year round so even in dull weather you’ll have a gorgeous lush lawn to enjoy.

Here at Landscapia we pride ourselves in our work and value our customers, so we would never take on a job we couldn’t do properly and professionally. We will always try to come up with a solution for your needs and therefore when choosing to go artificial with your grass, consider us. For artificial grass in Dudley and the surrounding areas we class ourselves as number one and we hope you do too. Get in touch today and we can see what we can do for you.