In Shape! – Artificial Grass changed for Landscapia

Occasionally there’ll be instances where a square or rectangular lawn is a homeowner’s only choice. The outdoor spaces may be restricted, or we may be hesitant about the disruption of reshaping your garden and so feel it’s easiest if you leave it how it is.

There’s sometimes a misconception that grass grows best in a simple shape, with no constricted areas to squash the roots causing thin or sparse growth.

Artificial grass removes this tricky issue! No matter what shape your lawn, or indeed, the shape of the lawn you want, we can put in a gorgeous plush artificial lawn with no thinning in the corners or at the edges. That’s why artificial grass is so fantastic; it’s created from soft and realistic looking fibres with no skimping on the surface. It isn’t a case of us cutting you what you need from a roll and hoping for the best coverage; we supply only the finest artificial grass so no matter what shape you want, it’s vibrant all the way round.

Path, crazy paving or even a water feature in the way? Not an issue! There isn’t much that stop our team from creating a gorgeous garden. Even round bird baths, flower beds, it’s totally possible to have an attractive shaped lawn. Semi-circle, triangle, thin strips… heart shaped? Whatever you want for your garden or outdoor space, no matter how big or small, Landscapia can make it happen with our team of qualified landscapers and artificial lawn installers because we are number one for artificial grass Birmingham. Extensive space or narrow spaces, nothing is too awkward for us! In fact… we actually like the challenge, so give us a call today or fill out our online form and we can get started on your brand new and distinctive lawn.