Professional Installations by Landscapia

Here at Landscapia we take our installations very seriously. We want tight, professional installation with no ruffling, no rippling and certainly no loose areas which can cause trips and falls.

Artificial grass is perfect for homes with children thanks to the strict regulations it must comply with during testing and the fact it is non-toxic, but this is no good unless the installation is sound. With artificial grass, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s just a case of laying the roll of grass down and nailing it through to fix it to the earth. It’s actually a bit more complicated than that, but at the same time, it’s quite straightforward. That doesn’t mean it isn’t crucial to ensure every step is executed to the highest standard. There are lots of steps in the process, and while the adaptability of the product means sometimes a few of these steps aren’t necessary, it doesn’t mean that we at Landscapia skimp on quality and effort.

Once we’ve installed your artificial grass, not only will it look and feel like natural grass but it will be as solid and as steadfast as the Earth it is fixed to. It won’t slip or look like a rug, it will be beautifully tight and neat as though it’s part of the soil, just like a real lawn. It’s totally safe and so children will love playing on it without getting muddy, and thanks to the many layers beneath the actual grass there won’t be any nasty weeds or nettles growing up through the surface, which makes it even safer. This is a plus for pets too, because slugs and snails tend to keep away from artificial grass reducing the accidental ingestion which is harmful to dogs especially. Pet mess is easily sluiced away too, so it’s easy to keep clean.

It’s a pretty firm system and clever too. Each layer has a purpose and when added together they create the system of artificial grass you’ll love. Our installation coupled with the fantastic artificial grass from QuickGrass means that for whatever your needs, Landscapia is your ultimate go-to for artificial grass in Birmingham.