An Overhaul in Progress… Droitwich

We’re in the stages of a total overhaul of a garden in Droitwich right now, and even though we normally tend to complete a job as quickly as we can to avoid unnecessary upheaval and inconvenience, this one has taken us so far just over six months due to the stages we had to break it down into.

The garden was proving somewhat tiresome for the customer, what with rows of hedges all around the perimeter and a lawn that seemingly knew no boundaries! The first thing we did was to completely eliminate all the bushes round the outside and install a beautiful fence right the way round. The fence has gorgeous features, with a decorative top panel which makes it really stand out. The customer didn’t want the usual waney lap fence so we waited until she found one she really liked and once we installed it, we agreed it really did look the business.

To make the lawn look more contained and neat, we added raised flower beds around the edges and closed them in with timber sleepers, adding an extra element of neatness. Sandstone stepping stones were added down the middle also, to add character; these led to the summer house. The garden is on a slope, and so in order to facilitate the summer house we first had to raise the whole area up. The made the whole area look a lot more structured and sturdy, and of course, the foundations for the summer house were spot on after we did this.

The lawn itself is natural live grass, which the customer wanted. Upright sleepers in a staggered pattern were added to again bring extra character to the overall look of the garden, and once the customer saw the progress she was really pleased. We’ll be going back again to complete more work once the customer decides on the right products she would like us to use, what designs she would like to see appear in the garden; of course landscaping can be a huge job and we don’t rush our customers into making decisions, we want them to be in control, to be happy with the result and to get the great value for money with our services.

Often on our blog we feature jobs where we’ve used artificial grass in Birmingham and the surrounding areas, but this particular job looks so great with live grass that we had to showcase it. We do love using artificial grass but it’s always nice to switch it up a bit and incorporate natural living grass into our designs. Marc often does the designing, with either Leigh or Lindon heading up the construction team depending on whether live or artificial grass is required. We’re proud of the work we do here at Landscapia and no job is too big or too small for us so whether you want live grass or artificial grass in Birmingham, give us a call today and see how we can help.