Landscapia to the Rescue!

Having a dog is one of the most rewarding things you can do in life. They really are man’s best friend and they’re such loyal and loving creatures.

They love to roam around, roll in the mud, get right in there and sniff out all sorts, and they keep you on your toes. The thing is though, they can really shred up your lawn and make a right mess leaving you with patchy grass and exposed earth. You don’t want to stop your four legged friend from having fun but at the same time you can’t contend with a barren wasteland of mud day after day because you can’t use the lawn, you and your family can’t relax on it or play games. It’s not fair on the family not to mention the muddy paw prints everywhere.

An option is to have artificial grass installed. There’s plenty of proof that dogs can’t tell the difference between live and artificial grass, and it does them no harm so it’s something to really consider. Take this lawn we did recently; it was a mess thanks to their dog who was very cute but very lively! The grass was completely dead in some areas and the mud was clumpy and uneven. It would have only gotten worse so the family decided to have artificial grass installed. They chose Woburn from QuickGrass, a lovely thick and natural looking style with plenty of mixed fibres and a tough latex backing. It’s a really lush green with subtle hints of different shades, and it looks simply stunning all year round.

Our new recycled plastic edging was the perfect addition to this lawn as it can be bent and manipulated into any shape. The old timber edging was quite restrictive and so we were limited to straight edges in our designs but now we can go wild and really add some flair if necessary with this new plastic edging. It can really look attractive and adds interest to a lawn so if the customer is wanting sweeping curves like this family did, we can incorporate that into the design.

We install a lot of artificial grass in Birmingham including areas such as Quinton, Hagley, Kidderminster and Dudley so if you’re after a change or you too have a very frisky furry friend who is making more than just a mark on your lawn get in touch with us today.