Landscapia in Partnership with QuickGrass

Here at Landscapia we love working with artificial grass, specifically QuickGrass. QuickGrass is the best by miles in our opinion when it comes to artificial grass and we absolutely love installing it.

It’s incredible quality and a dream to install and our customers are always happy. We would never work with a product which was less than excellent. Hardwearing, vibrant, thick and competitively priced, there’s no doubt QuickGrass is number one.

The exciting news this week is that QuickGrass have just launched two brand new grass styles, Marlborough and Cheltenham and have given three of their existing styles, Stratford, Parkland and their bestselling Woburn an overhaul. We are so excited to start working with these and installing them. Cheltenham is the height of luxury with two layers of substantial latex backing making it the ultimate in plushness, Marlborough too. These two grass styles are higher end and are the best money can buy.

The remodel of Stratford, Woburn and Parkland is fantastic. Slightly longer pile thicknesses, sprinkles of shade change, and mixtures of straight and curly fibres make these three great choices for homes with children and animals, any residential properties, schools nurseries, care homes and hospitals. Like we said, QuickGrass really is the best for artificial grass by a stellar mile and we would highly recommend their products and their service.

Landscapia is proud to say our customer service too, is incredible. That’s why the partnership we have with QuickGrass makes our installs, and any work we complete using their grass, absolutely top class. We have installed artificial grass in Birmingham in so many homes. The brilliant grass coupled with our skills and expertise makes those installs unquestionably fantastic and we’re always so proud of the finished results.