Landscapia Loves Lawns

Here at Landscapia, we make it so easy for you to achieve your perfect lawn or garden. We even give you handy guidelines to measure your lawn so that when you fill out our online form it makes the process quicker, bringing you closer to your new garden in no time.

It’s really easy to measure your lawn when you follow our guide; we want our customers to have a stress free experience with us from the start.

We’ll send you a quote based on the measurements you give us, and of course, your choice of grass too. Once you’re happy with the estimate, we can get to work! It’s that simple. We really believe in artificial grass, and it has come a long way in terms of structure, look and feel. Gone are the days of scratchy plastic fibres and unnatural bright green colours. Now we’re working with beautiful systems of artificial grass, with a lovely and soft feel to it. We want to bring this artificial grass system to as many homes as we can, and that’s why we make it so easy.

Landscapia believe in clean, crisp gardens and lawns, and we can ensure that your home has a garden you can relax in without the heavy maintenance and stress of worrying about winter. We will install the grass you choose, talk you through the process, make sure you know how to get the best from your artificial grass, and of course, make sure you’re happy with the entire development. Landscapia love lawns, and we want you to love yours too.