Landscapia Loves Lawns

We’ve said it before, and we don’t mind saying it again; we love lawns. We love getting out to a customer and seeing what they have for us to work with, hearing what they have in mind for the space, and working with a customer to create a really great design that they’ll love owning and using when it comes to fruition.

We also love a challenge. Tricky designs, especially when something is a first for us, are something we enjoy doing because it lets us show what we can do.

Uneven landscape, tree in the middle of the lawn, random rockery placement, we’ve seen it all and it’s no trouble for us. You want a lawn with circular plant beds down the middle? No problem. You saw a triangular lawn in a gardening magazine? Show us, we’ll most likely be able to achieve the same design for you. You want a spiral lawn with a bird bath, barbeque pit and LED lights around the perimeter? Seriously. It’s done. We really do love a challenge!

Whether you want real living grass, or artificial grass in Bromsgrove, Landscapia is ready to start work for you. We landscape, install artificial grass, work with flagstones and paving, we design… we create beautiful outdoor spaces that are brimming with quality, stability, durability and flair. We want to bring people’s ideas to life and so if you think you have something that’s unworkable, get in touch today and we will show you how wrong you are! (In a nice way, of course!) We can work with pretty much anything, so let us show you what we can do with even the most awkward of spaces.