I can’t believe it’s not real…

We’re sure you’re all familiar with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter. The margarine spread has built its whole brand and marketing strategy on tasting exactly like butter, whilst actually being a healthy alternative.

It’s something that has served them well over the years and has seen them grow from strength to strength.

The artificial grass side of our business is quite similar. It’s a quite a novelty to us, to see whether people can tell the difference between real grass and the artificial stuff! The majority of the time, people can’t tell whether the grass is real or fake. It’s one of the ways in which artificial grass has come on leaps and bounds. The early stuff that was produced, it was quite easy to tell the difference, but now, as the technology has improved, it’s pretty impossible.

Would you like to put yourself to the test? See if you can tell whether the following pictures depict a beautiful, artificial lawn, or a neatly trimmed, real lawn.

Did you manage to differentiate which ones were real and which ones were fake? The two on the left were the artificial ones! We told you it was difficult to tell!

We love working with artificial grass as part of our landscaping work as it’s so versatile, it’s always of a high quality and it’s much more reliable than the real stuff. If you’re looking for an artificial lawn installer , contact us today and we can discuss how we can incorporate it into your new or existing garden.