FAQ’s regarding artificial grass (part 2)

In our last blog we ran through some of our most frequently asked questions regarding artificial grass, if you haven’t read it you can catch up on part 1 here. Don’t worry – we’ll wait. Done? Excellent. Then you’re ready for the second instalment.

Q. Will an artificial lawn become water-logged during heavy rain?

A. No. Artificial grass is permeable and any rain water should drain through without pooling or causing water-logging. However, it’s also advisable to install a drainage base below the grass to aid with this.

Q. What does a fake lawn feel like underfoot?

A. Most people assume that artificial grass will be abrasive or uncomfortable to walk upon but in fact, it feels much like natural lawn. One of the benefits of having an artificial lawn is that you won’t get dirt or mud on your bare feet!

Q. Can I use it for irregular spaces or is it only for rectangular or square areas?

A.The beauty of the product is that it can be cut to any size or shape. This means you can use it if you have pathways, water features, flower beds or anything else in your garden. All you need to do is measure the spaces and cut accordingly. Or get a landscaper to do it for you!

Q. Does it come in just one colour?

A. No. There is such a vast range of artificial grass products now on the market that you can choose your shade, pile height and thickness. There are ranges that reflect different seasons and have different vibrancies – you just have to take a look and pick the one you like the best. There are so many different products and most mimic natural grass so well.

Hopefully, that might have answered some of your burning questions but we’re always here to answer any more if you’re looking for someone to take care of your artificial grass installation in Birmingham, contact us here at Landscapia today.