Celebrities and Artificial Grass

You read that right, celebrities love artificial grass! You probably read that John Terry had artificial grass installed in the £4.3 million pound mansion that he lives in, and of course the papers were astounded by the decision.

That’s because they don’t know what we know, though… They don’t know how fantastic artificial grass is! Lots of celebrities have artificial grass in their properties, such as Jessica Alba, Kristen Bell, Matt Damon, and the British famous property develop slash dating Guru Sarah Beeney.

Celebs don’t have the time to maintain a lawn, and that is why they want the convenience. They don’t want to come home to a massive overgrown lawn if they’ve been filming away for a period of time. They also want their home to look pristine and clean, and because artificial grass doesn’t lose colour or thickness, it’s the perfect solution to their requirements. Plus, lots of celebrities want to be on the eco bandwagon, so having artificial grass would fit into that because it doesn’t need nutrients to be pumped into it to keep it thick and lush.

They won’t need a full time gardener either, because the lawn does not require maintenance, so it’s added security for them too, plus, less staff to pay (as if that is a problem for a multi Oscar winning actor!) It adds greenery and vibrancy to an otherwise concrete jungle too if a certain celeb lives in a city like New York for example. Having artificial grass can be seen as quirky to some people and lots of celebs want to appear to be “on the hype” or following trends, and it seems artificial grass has definitely become a trend amongst the rich and famous!

If you want to appear ‘fashionable’ as these celebs do (or you just want a fantastic looking lawn that requires no maintenance, looks gorgeous all year round and you’re a smart person!) then give us a call and we can definitely help you out – we are number one for artificial grass in Birmingham, so we really know our stuff! Get in touch, and you’ll be living it up celeb style in no time!