Bill and Ben

There once were two very similar brothers; Bill and Ben. The brothers had near identical lives with both Bill and Ben becoming accountants in the city. The brothers managed to get jobs at the same accountancy company and met two very similar women who they each fell in love with. Each brother had two children and settled into their lives.

Both Bill and Ben bought almost identical houses, next door to each other on a leafy, suburban street. Their houses were three bedrooms, semi-detached with large, rear gardens for their children to play. Now Bill and Ben were not only brothers, they were neighbours too! Life was good and as the children got a little older, both Bill and Ben decided to get a cat and a dog each to complete their families.

One day Ben decided to replace his lawn with artificial grass. He contacted a local company, Landscapia, and they sent him some free samples so he could decide which kind to choose for his garden. The service was prompt and the Landscapia team couldn’t be more friendly and helpful. Within what seemed like a blink of an eye, Ben had a brand new artificial grass lawn to marvel at.

Soon Ben was seeing all the benefits of having an artificial grass lawn. He came home from work and instead of toiling out in the garden he got to spend some quality time with his children and wife. They all ate dinner together and discussed their day, settled down in front of the TV and then got bathed and ready for bed! In the morning, Ben always felt rejuvenated and ready to tackle the day head on. His bosses noticed and put him in for a promotion. Plus, Ben’s children and pets had a year round lawn to enjoy!

At the weekend, Ben had time to relax, unwind and indulge in his favourite hobbies. Ben was happy!

Bill opted not to replace his lawn with artificial grass as he had heard that it wasn’t suitable for use when you have pets and children. But Bill had heard wrong. When Bill came home from work he often looked out of his kitchen window and lamented at the state of his garden, compared to his brother Ben’s. He spent his weekends and sometimes his weekday evenings tending to his lawn. The unpredictable British weather, plus his pets, meant that sometimes his garden was patchy and bare; sometimes it was waterlogged.

Bill became obsessed with having the perfect lawn, or at least a garden to rival his brother’s next door. He spent all his free time watering, weeding, mowing, pruning, raking and using chemicals to achieve a pristine looking lawn. Sometimes he would be up to all hours and in the morning he’d feel tired – sometimes even his work suffered and his bosses noticed. He got passed over for promotion which upset him as he needed the extra money to afford all his gardening equipment! His wife and children missed him and wanted to spend more time with him, even though he wasn’t very much fun to be around.

Soon, Bill and Ben weren’t leading so similar lives. Ben always had garden parties and BBQ’s; people loved coming over to spend time in Ben’s garden and everyone commented on his beautiful lawn. No one even knew it was artificial! No one came to Bill’s house. It wasn’t long before Bill saw the error of his ways and asked his brother for the details of his artificial grass supplier. Quicker than you could say “throw out the lawnmower” Bill had an artificial grass lawn installed and he saw the same benefits that his brother saw! Life for Bill and his family were good again and him and his brother went back to leading near identical lives – all thanks to some artificial grass!

The moral of the story? Faking it allows you to make it! Contact Landscapia for quality artificial grass in Bromsgrove.