Artificial Grass Installation in Halesowen

We’ve just completed a new artificial grass installation for a customer in the Halesowen area. They decided on an artificial lawn as their small dog had created small brown patches of dead grass all over the lawn.


Also being a small area it was a nuisance to get the mower out to cut it as it took longer to set up the mower and clean it, than it did to actually mow it! After careful consideration they selected the excellent Marlborough artificial grass from Quickgrass, which is our most vibrant grass and they wanted it to look as green as possible.

A typical installation day for our artificial grass team

  • We arrive at 8am and set up for the day ahead.
  • Bring out the turf cutter and strip the grass off.
  • A recycled frame is installed around the perimeter of the lawn area.
  • The area excavated to 50mm below the finished lawn level.
  • The area is covered in mypex landscape fabric and a 50mm layer of stone is in filled then compacted.
  • The grass is then laid out, cut to size and fixed.

The end result is a maintenance free, evergreen lawn!