Frequently Asked Questions

When visiting customers we get asked a varied amount of questions. Some more common than others but we thought I would share this with you. If you have any queries that aren’t listed please contact we and we be happy help.

Is artificial grass suitable for children?
Yes, it’s perfect for children of all ages. Even more so using the Quickgrass products. As all their grasses have soft touch technology as its softer for the kids to fall, tumble and roll on. Certain grasses are better than others for various reasons but we always advise sand infill if its going to have lots of activity as it will keep the pile from flattening over time and remove the wear on the anchor points of the grass.
Is artificial grass suitable for dogs?
Yes. Most of our customers are dog owners and struggle to keep a real lawn because of brown patches and muddy areas. We don’t advise using any sand infill because it traps smells and this is why now we also don’t use sand under the grass too. Its really easy to clean up messes and you can simply wash through with a hose.
Is artificial grass good for wet areas?
Yes, the grass itself has small holes running through the backing to allow water to pass through. This along with our standard permeable base means the water can run straight through meaning the grass will never hold water or become squelchy.
Will the artificial grass change colour or fade over time?
No, Quickgrass is guaranteed not to. It is made with the best quality colour agents and UV stabilizers having been tested for colour-fastness and UV resistance. No matter what the weather does it will not fade.
Is artificial grass suitable for laying on inclines?
Artificial grass can be installed on pretty much any grade you throw at it. The grass needs to be firmly attached around the perimeter but especially the top of the hill as the weight of the grass will slide if the correct preparation steps aren’t taken
What if I spill something on my new lawn? How can I clean my artificial grass?
There’s not a lot that can harm the grass. If you spill drinks or drop food on it you simply clean it up using a hose. It’s not advisable to use bleach or any chemical based cleaners. Warm soapy water and a good scrub with a stiff brush generally will do the trick.
How long will my artificial grasses last for?
Once we lay any Quickgrass artificial lawn you are provided with a 10year UV guarantee. The UV guarantee covers two things, one that the colour won’t fade or change and two that the grass and backing material won’t degrade, become brittle or fall apart.
What maintenance is required once my artificial grass is installed?
There is minimal maintenance, clear off any leaves or debris using a brush or garden vac. If you have pets you can simply remove the waste and wash over with a garden hose. It’s quite common on dry days that customers have used the house vacuum.
Will I get weeds in my artificial lawn?
Once the existing vegetation has been removed we line the ground with a mypex landscaping fabric. This will prevent weed growth. If your grass is sand in filled then there is a small chance of airborne seeds taking root within the sand. These weeds will be easy to pull out as they are not growing into the ground. Regularly brushing your grass along with an occasional soak with a water based weed killer will keep your lawn looking great.
Does artificial grass require a sand infill?
Yes and no, it all depends on its usage. If the lawn is going to have a lot of activity on it, it is recommended as it will prevent wear on the grass. If you have dogs and they do their business on the grass we don’t use sand as it can over time build up an unpleasant odour. If the grass is not going to have a lot of activity on it and is more for a visual purpose we would not recommend sand infill.
Can I play sports on artificial grass?
Yes, where artificial grass differs from real grass is that it won’t wear and create muddy unsightly patches. It’s very robust and will withstand heavy foot fall from playing any kind of sport. It is advised to sand infill the grass to protect the lawn from wearing at the base and keep the grass yarn upright and proud.
Will having artificial grass help with my hay fever?
Yes, it will almost certainly reduce the amount of pollen you are subjected to in your garden. As most people will tell you that suffer with hay fever, cutting the grass can be a nightmare certain times of the year. Cutting the grass releases a large amount of pollen and as you haven’t got to cut your artificial grass that will never be a concern again.
Is artificial grass environmentally friendly?
Yes, as the fibers do not contain any plasticizers, detrimental dyes or lead chromate, which a lot of comparative grasses do it makes our grass entirely safe for both people and the environment. Its guaranteed that the fibers comply with the strictest standards. Supplied from within the EU. EU standards EN 14041 and EN13297. Don’t forget as there is no need to water or fertilize this in itself is preserving the environment as well as saving you money and time.
Is artificial grass flammable?
Quickgrass Artificial Grass is fire resistant and comes with the very best European safety standards, however fire and hot objects should be kept away from artificial grass. Quickgrass is made of a high-quality synthetic material. They will not burn, but will melt when it comes into contact with fire and hot objects. If you choose to add kiln dried sand to your grass after laying, the sand will add an extra extinguishing effect and is fireproof.
Can artificial grass be repaired, such as replacing a melted patch?
Yes, from time to time we have received a panic call from a customer to say they have had an unfortunate BBQ incident or a hot surface has been placed on the grass. We always advise you keep a bit of waste back after the installation so that way if we need to make a patch the colour will match perfectly. The effected area is simply cut out and a new piece is glued back in.
Is artificial grass harmful if swallowed?
No, it is perfectly safe if digested.
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